Activities From ‘The particular Flow’ (4) – Misplaced Together with Discovered – Intended To help Be?

“Prosperity: The eternal circulation of all that’s very good in lifestyle…”

Hittegodskontor Underneath is the fourth episode in a series of real life events seasoned by the creator. The only deviations from the truth might be the names of folks and areas.

Mutually celebrate the triumphs, my friends. And marvel at the benevolence of the all-understanding, Original Compound (God, the Universe, the One particular, and many others.).

In “Activities from ‘The Flow’ (1), (two), and (three)”, I went by way of heartbreak, labored past the misery, accomplished a Grief Letter, enjoyed a partial restoration, relapsed, and then experienced an remarkable experience with a exceptional lady named Songsana (a stunning Asian News Reporter).

The uncanny resemblance among Songsana and the main female character in the guide “My Buddy Yu – The Prosperity Mentor” – a ebook I wrote over 6 months PRIOR to meeting Songsana – is a pleasant mystery to me.

Luck? Probably. Destiny? Possibly (ideally).


It was the day after the Large University Sports activities celebration.

Conference Songsana yesterday was precisely what I needed to heal my relapse into submit-break up despair.

But it was a bitter/sweet encounter.
I was nevertheless indignant (at myself). I could kick myself for leaving her at the Stadium without exchanging contact info.

I could not phone her. And I failed to know the place she and her News Group have been being in Thailand. I couldn’t even contact her soon after she returned again to her residence country (Vietnam).

I made a decision to search the world wide web for some way, any way to get in touch with her.

All day – in between classes – at work, I Googled every permutation of her title that I could consider of her country’s information stations, the mother or father German Information Organization that owned her information present additionally the “Information” and “Yellow Webpages” of Vietnam. Zilch, nada – practically nothing.

All makes an attempt at discovering Songsana on the internet proved futile.

Discouraged, I could not feel of any other way to locate her and was compelled to give up the lookup.

“This will be THE Most significant One particular THAT Acquired Away!” I believed.

I was resigned to my destiny.

And sullen, I approved the circumstance: You will find no way to locate Songsana and I will most likely never ever see her once more.

That night time, I did an added prolonged treadmill run and bodyweight workout. It aided me offer with my aggravation and disappointment more than the “Look for for Songsana debacle”…


Each time I think it is hopeless, the Universe usually steps in. The extremely hard turns into possible, despair turns into hope, and adore shines by means of the clouds. And with its benevolent, mild hand I am nudged again on training course towards my future, my personal personalized path.

Carl “J.C.” Pantejo (Dec 2007)

…Soon after exercising to pre-exhaustion and rehydrating with copious quantities of beer, I managed to collapse into a semi-coma, sleeping effectively into the morning.

Thankfully, I experienced adequate forethought to established my clock, T.V., and cell telephone alarms ahead of my sole ingesting session commenced very last evening. Following letting the alarms audio off for a excellent 5 minutes, I dragged myself out of bed, gulped down two cups of java, showered, shaved, dressed, hopped on my bike, and produced it to work with 3 minutes to spare.

Even though I didn’t have a poor hangover, I nevertheless felt a small weak and wobbly – like an alien experienced sucked the life force out of me.

And I was starving.

Most of my colleagues ended up presently educating, but today I had the first interval off – best for eating a slow, relaxing breakfast. Slogging down to the faculty cafeteria, I purchased a standard Thai breakfast (spicy, fried hamburger, peppers, string beans, eggs, and rice).

I slipped into the teachers’ lounge/dining space. It was previously complete of Thai academics chatting absent at every single other, lazily experiencing their bowls of soup, rice, and plates of veggies and fruit. They ended up utilised to me and acknowledged me with a respectful “Wai” (arms jointly, prayer like, and touching the thumbs to the chin) or just nodded. Then they went again to their chatter.

– THE MIRACLES Continue –

I don’t like eating by yourself, so I scanned the eating area to see if any of my close friends had a class canceled and made the decision to consume breakfast.

Then, at the other conclude of the dining space, I saw the back again of a person new. When she turned and spoke to the individual sitting up coming to her, I saw the profile of her confront. I blinked twice and did a “Double Take.”

I have to be hallucinating!

Like a zombie with tunnel eyesight, I little by little rose from my chair and walked unobtrusively in the direction of the “apparition.”

“Songsana? Is that you?” I stated tentatively.

“J.C.! There you are! I was listed here at your college yesterday, but I couldn’t discover you. We’re (the Information Crew) using some footage of Takraw (the well-known “volleyball-by-foot” activity of Asia) follow,” she said, with her trademark, golden smile and extended hand.

With a shocked appear (and gaping mouth), I shook her hand with equally of mine – all the even though hardly believing that she was below!

Stuttering like one particular of my Substantial College college students, I mentioned, “I didn’t give you my number at the Athletics Stadium. I…uh…searched the net all day yesterday for some way to contact you, but absolutely nothing arrived up. I tried out every single key phrase I could consider of. But…I…umm…in any case, I’m so satisfied to see you! I thought that I would never…effectively…I gave up on…Oh hell, can I have your e-mail or telephone number?”

“Confident. Here’s my organization card,” she mentioned.

Glancing at it, I could see her function and telephone numbers, her e-mail address, and her company’s brand.

“This is my next likelihood. I am not losing this!”

Smiling, I slipped her card into my shirt pocket, pressed it tough in opposition to my coronary heart, and winked at Songsana.

She giggled and smiled.

“Thanks Songsana. I’d really like to sit down and chat, but I have to go train now. Possibly we can hook up before the workday’s more than? If not, I am going to contact or e-mail you actual before long, okay?” I said, grinning from ear-to-ear. (I know my experience must’ve been flushed.)

“Jeez! I’m experience like a seventeen calendar year outdated kid once again!” I believed.

“Alright. See ya,” she mentioned, cheerfully.

It was not right up until then that I realized that everyone in the space – Thai academics and Digital camera Crew alike – experienced stopped consuming and chatting to notice the reunion amongst Songsana and me. When we finished our conversation the entire dining room was silent, with all eyes on us. The seem of surprise/confusion was painted on all of their faces.

I wasn’t embarrassed at all. To me, this second, unplanned assembly was a blatant indication from the Universe. I actually believed that, for some cause, Songsana and I ended up supposed to cross paths (and not lose touch with each and every other)…

– MURPHY’S Law –

“Murphy’s Law: What CAN go improper, WILL go incorrect!”

…I went about my standard training day on Cloud nine. All my students discovered how content I was. Some of the more playful (and insightful) types have been spot on, hitting the nail on the head with remarks like “Oooo-ooh, teacher has a new girlfriend.”

Well informed of my current “locate/reduction/discover” experience, all my pals chided me, stating that I often had all the luck – particularly with enjoy and girls.

Regrettably, Songsana and I had total schedules. We smiled and waved to each other as I went from course to class and she went from job interview to interview. We both were so occupied that a lot more time with each other today would almost certainly be unattainable.

But that was okay. I planned to contact her as before long as I got residence. Then we could speak (or meet) privately.

After a hectic workday and a swift work out, I located myself at residence rifling by way of my fitness center bag for the shirt with Songsana’s enterprise card. Discovering it, I placed it on my computer desk. As a backup, I desired to enter the data into my laptop. Whilst it was booting up, I went to the fridge and grabbed a beer. I returned to the laptop computer and entered the business card’s info.

Coming into the data, I realized that all the get in touch with numbers were global telephone figures – no nearby, Thailand figures.

“No anxieties. I will just e-mail her,” I thought.

I wrote a good “Hi, How are you? Here is my telephone variety” e-mail and pressed the ship important. Considering all was effectively, I sat again and continued to drink my beer. My brain was loaded with hundreds of concerns for her.

Then it transpired.

A “Warning: Mail Shipping and delivery Failure” message appeared on my monitor. I pulled up the lately sent e-mail, rechecked and retyped Songsana’s e-mail handle and sent it once again – very same, exact same: “Warning: Mail Supply Failure.” I logged onto an alternate e-mail service and tried out again.

No joy.

FOR PETE’S SAKE! I have Lost HER Once again! Possibly FOR Good THIS TIME!

Now I was actually offended. As an alternative of hurrying off to class this early morning, why failed to I at minimum scribble my number on a napkin for Songsana? Why didn’t I give her my number in the course of our three “travel-by’s” in the hallway these days?

This sucks!

I called all the figures on the organization card.

No dice. Most of the numbers have been not answered – which includes Songsana’s home quantity. There was a single line answered, but the person on the other conclude spoke no English (and I don’t talk Vietnamese).

This Actually SUCKS!

Sensation forlorn, I allowed negativity to set in. Probably I was incorrect? Probably we Weren’t meant to get to know each and every other afterall? Possibly this Locating-Getting rid of-Discovering, then Getting rid of once again sport was the Universe’s ill idea of a joke?

Since I didn’t know when and where Songsana would be during the relaxation of her assignment in Thailand, my only recourse was to hold out till she returned property (close to Christmas, 5 months absent) and try to reach her making use of the intercontinental residence phone number on the company card.

“Hell, if that doesn’t perform, I’ll just display up in her town on my subsequent long weekend and inquire all around for her!”

And with that imagined, I recognized that I would missing Songsana Yet again!


It experienced been a number of times given that my cellphone and e-mail failures. I was occupied getting all set to go educate my Adult English class held on Sunday afternoons at a regional Language Institute.

Then my mobile telephone rang. It was my pal Ed (another overseas English teacher at the Substantial School). Ed was a close friend. He realized the complete Identified/Dropped and many others. story.

“Hey J.C. How are you? Hear, I might be incorrect, but I listened to from a single of our Thai instructors that there is a Takraw match amongst our college and a Vietnamese school sometime this weekend. I am not sure if it was yesterday or today. And I don’t know the time it is supposed to take place possibly. In any case, I thought you would like to know,” Ed stated – striving to instill some variety of hope.

“Thanks a good deal buddy. I will verify it out on the way to my Sunday task,” I stated (politely, but with not significantly enthusiasm).

In Thailand schools, particularly Federal government educational institutions, rumored- and even “difficult scheduled” – functions hardly ever materialized as planned. All issues at the school appeared to continue according to the whim of the school’s Principal and executive personnel. Us “grunts” (the instructors) had been routinely remaining in the darkish right up until the very last 2nd.

Oh, what the hell. I guess it couldn’t hurt to go away twenty minutes early and move by the university – just in situation.

– MIRACLES Component II –

Driving up to the faculty, I did not see a lot fanfare likely on. I parked my motorcycle and walked to the sporting activities constructing.

Exterior was no evidence of any eminent, large sports match.

The parking whole lot wasn’t total. I could hear no cheering from the best flooring basketball/badminton/Takraw courts. No households and friends of gamers ended up loitering close to the nearby foodstuff stalls.

Instantly outside the creating was a booth for government voting registration. Inside of, on the initial ground, was a very vocal PTA meeting (as normal, there was a heated debate going on amongst a instructor and a parent).

With no elevators in this 5-story constructing, I was asking yourself if the climb to the leading ground was value it.

I made a decision that since I would appear this far, I must at minimum make doubly confident that: one) There actually is no Takraw match and 2) Songsana and the Digital camera Crew were prolonged absent (most likely covering yet another large-profile celebration).

On the way up the stairs, I observed some of my pupils. I experimented with to ask them if there was any sports occasion right now, but their rudimentary English expertise (and my lame Thai language skills) prevented any meaningful interaction among us.

Reaching the fourth floor, I was commencing to believe that I was losing my time.

I stomped up the last flight of stairs and was met by yet another 3 learners.

They all gave me a respectful Wai and one of them stated, “Very good early morning teacher. Going to view the Takraw match nowadays?”

“No, I have to educate at another place before long. But is the Intercontinental Information Crew from Vietnam right here today?” I requested.

“Mai Roo (I do not know),” they mentioned (in unison).

Going for walks into the gymnasium, I noticed a pair of Bodily Education and learning lecturers assembling the Takraw nets.

“When is the match?” I requested.

“Bai nueng (one:00PM). Gin kao (Did you take in/Have you eaten?).”

“Mai chai (no). Tang gnarm (operating/Likely to function),” I mentioned.

– Miracle Number Three: One particular Much more TIME –

Songsana walked in from the fifth storey balcony. The daylight driving her developed a halo effect, generating her appear a lot more angelic than standard.

Striving not to seem desperate (and failing miserably), I mentioned, “Songsana! Thank God, you’re right here. I couldn’t send any e-mail messages to the handle on your organization card. And I don’t have a nearby cellphone number for you. Here’s MINE!” Then I swiftly scribbled my cellphone variety and e-mail address on the back again of an outdated 7-11 receipt from the base of my gym bag and handed it to her.

“Sorry. At times the company e-mail handle gets screwed up – too considerably SPAM, I guess. Anyway, many thanks for your quantity. Are you keeping to look at the sport? We are shooting the previous scenes for our documentary today,” she said, striving to conceal her pleasure about seeing me again – and failing miserably also. The smile was authentic and lovely.

Regaining a tiny of my composure back again, I explained, “No. I am sorry. I have to go to my weekend training occupation now. Remember to, you should will not shed my number and e-mail tackle!”

Then I hurried off to the Adult English class.

I arrived at the Language Institute a small late, but it did not make a difference. I experienced identified Songsana – Yet again.

– Pleased ENDINGS – Can not Count THE MIRACLES –

Throughout a crack in the Grownup English class, I appeared at my cell telephone.

There was one concept: “Hi J.C. It truly is me Songsana. This is my nearby variety although I’m in Thailand. It was fantastic to see you yet again nowadays. Sorry we failed to have time to chat. This is my private e-mail tackle…”

(EPILOGUE: I can’t count the miracles. I missing and discovered Songsana many occasions. But the Universe would not allow me to shed her without end nudging me back again in the direction of her whenever I strayed off system.

This tale has a happy ending. She is occupied with her T.V. and News occupation and I am busy satisfying my training contract. To this day, Songsana and I text, e-mail, and get in touch with each other on a every day basis. We plan on acquiring together really, really soon…)

Your Buddy in this Intrepid Journey named Existence,

Carl “J.C.” Pantejo

“Until up coming time, find ‘The Flow’ and soar in!”

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By Carl “J.C.” Pantejo, Copyright December 2007

He is a retired U.S. Army veteran. Believing that college was too unexciting, he dropped out of Substantial Faculty early only to earn an A.A., B.S., and MBA in less than 4 several years a lot later on in life – even though operating full-time as a Navy/Maritime Corps Medic. In spite of a concern of heights and deep drinking water, he cost-free-tumble parachuted out of airplanes and done diving ops in really deep, open up ocean h2o. He went to Thailand two a long time ago for a week’s trip, fell into a teaching job, and has never still left!

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