Power Saving Mode of Oppo F17 Pro

The Oppo F 17 Pro is basically a mid-budget smartphone from the Oppo company that banks on powerful design and a svelte body. The Oppo F 17 Pro comes with a two modes, namely, single/multi-mode and Hybrid/imsi. The multi-mode unit can support either EDGE or GSM technology and the Hybrid mode supports either CDMA or TDMA technology. oppo f17 pro The F 17 Pro comes with a neat dual LED display, a nice camera setup with a secondary digital camera as well, a decent amount of RAM and an expansive internal memory space with the ability to expand it further with an additional sim card. The Oppo F 17 Pro is quite simply one of the best handsets you could have at a very affordable price tag.

The dual SIM tray that comes with this handset provides easy access to two separate SIMs with an expanded connectivity with the help of micro SD cards, something that is not provided with many other handsets. The device also has a super amoled panel for navigation that also enables quick search for applications by just pressing on the home key and you are all set to start off. The device also features a very sharp 5.5 inch capacitive touchscreen which is very easy to work with and responds to finger orientation very quickly.

There are few major disadvantages of this device that need to be mentioned before finalizing the purchase of this Oppo F 17 Pro. The biggest drawback is the fact that the device is a tad larger than its competitors and even when you compare it to others that are of similar dimensions, the device scores very low in terms of battery life. The average battery life of this phone is just around seven hours. To put things in perspective, the battery life of the iPhone 6s Plus is around eight hours while the LG G2 has it around ten hours. These two phones are of similar size and weight but one of them is better when it comes to power consumption.

Another major disadvantage of this device is its lack of support for the older version of HTC Desire OS. It does come with Windows operating system but with it is lacks the upgrades that are present in the Windows operating system. This means that you will not be able to enjoy the smooth functionality of multitasking if you are using this device with Windows OS. There is also no word of mouth regarding the poor audio quality of this gadget when it comes to microphones. In other words, you can expect the same sound quality of the iPhone but with better video and gaming features.

One big advantage of this device is its power saving mode. It allows you to turn off the device automatically when it is unresponsive or does not have enough juice to function. You can also save the battery life of this handset when you are not actively using it. However, these advantages only apply if you are using the phone in its normal state. If you are constantly on the go, you will have to use your battery wisely so as to make the most out of its power and video features.

When you compare this device to others, the Pro version has a slightly bigger memory capacity of 4GB. The device also offers better connectivity options along with Wifi, Bluetooth and USB ports. All the mentioned specifications and functionalities of the Oppo F17 Pro are listed as advantages while using this handset. But it still has a few minor disadvantages to cross before it gets accepted by the consumers.

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