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There has been a brand new flip within the dispute over the crumble of a dilapidated property in Indore in Madhya Pradesh. The residence which changed into demolished at the group of the BJP corporator, Akash Vijayvargiya(Satta Bazaar) attacked Bat, the order to demolish him was issued inside the authorities of Shivraj Singh Chauhan.

The ‘Batting’ of MLA Vijay Bhavnagai, the son of Bharatiya Janata Celebration (Satta King) chief Kailash Vijayvargiya and Bhopal, is now being pointed out in the whole u . S .. The shaky home of the business, which became destroyed through the bat, become defeated by applying Akash Vijayvargiya, who come to be quite livid. Now there’s a new turn in this instance . The dispute over which the property changed into dispute, became ordered to demolish it final yr. That as well when there has been a central authority of Shivraj Singh Chauhan inside the nation.

Indore Municipal Corporation remaining yr issued notice on such houses that are pretty old. And at some stage in the heavy rain these residences could also fall. Now the focus paper which has seemed in it clearly suggests that the focus turned into issued …

… on April three, 2018. That is, while the state turn into the only authorities of the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Chief of the State turned into Shivraj Singh Chauhan.

In the case of Akash Vijayvargiya(Play bazaar), Indore Municipal Corporation has terminated its incredibly own 21 personnel. All those employees also are seen in that video photographs. These allegations are that they did no longer assist the business officer at that point, which Akash had been offered overwhelmed by way of the bat. Apart from this, a handful of persons had been visible with supporters of Akash Vijayvargiya.

Police later arrested Akash Vijayvargiya and now he has been sent to jail for 14 days.
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A case has been registered underneath segment 353, 294, 323, 506, 147, 148 of the IPC towards Akash Vijayvargiya. Even earlier than this instance, Akash had been inside the discussion for a number of situations his arguable statements. In this instance no longer very best the sky nevertheless also 10 humans except them had been arrested.
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